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Enriching My Life provides unlimited opportunities for personal growth, enjoyment and enrichment through a multitude of programs that provides customized travel, workshops, special events and retreats. There are opportunities for Baby Boomers to expand and enhance their lives through one-stop educational and experiential workshops, upscale retreats offering an exploration of areas for personal growth, enriching travel adventures presenting global opportunities to give-back within a community, workplace, or culture and other special events.

Our goal is to become the premiere provider of business to baby boomers whose desire to learn and experience those things that are both meaningful and exciting to their lives. We do this through one or two-day workshops where field experts provide professional instruction for the attendees so that they might be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to reach their personal goals.  We also provide mini and weeklong luxury retreats, led by national or world-renowned experts who will provide an opportunity for a unique once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity. And through destination travel, we provide unparalleled learning adventures and social trips for like-minded baby boomers to accommodate their personal and travel desires.

Our mission is to expand the life experiences of individuals. We do this by providing opportunities for their individual growth, enjoyment and enrichment of their lives through learning, discovery and travel. It is our intent to always be seen as a company that strives for excellence through team members who are passionate about providing best-in-class programs and superior customer service.


Enrichment Retreats

Define the real you!

Dreams come true with Enrichment Retreats. From "Enriching My Life" Health, Fitness and Wellness retreats to Wine Tours or Culinary Dreams you will be pampered and will experience your favorite pastime in luxury and among the experts in the field who will transform your life and take you to a level you're never experience.


Enrichment Workshops

Baby Boomer Life Planning Workshops

Baby Boomers have a plethora of personal and family responsibilities every day. Have I written my will? Which insurance is best for my family and me? How do I make a smooth career transition? Am I ready to start my own business? How do I provide the proper care for my parents? What should I consider for home remodeling or modification? These questions and many others are addressed at the Enrichment Workshops. You will find your answers to many of your questions as field experts provide you personal guidance at our workshops.


Enrichment Adventures

Redefining travel!

Enrichment Adventures provides exciting customized travel opportunities for those who desire to be more than a tourist. Our travel adventures are filled with opportunities to know and experience the culture you travel to. We have tours for those interested in culinary affairs, females only trips, grandparents and grandchildren travel and much more.


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